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Getting started

This book is made in 254 pages to teach fundamentals about JavaScript language with a focus on summary and brief. I tried to teach everything which could help the reader to learn fast and completely. This book is currently available just in the Persian language, but I have a plan to translate it into English and help other people to study it.

How to use it?

We provide a lot of ways to use Better Understanding of JS books, such as PDF version, online HTML, images, etc. There is a QR code beside every code in the book, and you can see a working code snippet with that QR code.

About the author

This book is written by JafarRezaei(SayJeyHi), I read some JS books like YDNJS or eloquent JS, and they are really good. But I just want to make a Persian resource for my people whose sanctions and other laws do not let them learn free and use open source.

Feel free to contact me at, I will be glad to see your feedback.

We ran out of printed versions, we might prepare it again but there is no plan for this yet.

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